Get InvolvedThere are tons of ways to get connected and involved with the Gender Equity Center (GEC). Whether you are interested in gender issues, social justice, current events, or just want to meet new people, the GEC probably has the perfect way for you to get involved!

If you are interested in getting involved with the GEC, please contact the Gender Equity Center at, 805-756-2600, or stop by our center in UU217!


How to Get Involved

Volunteer with the GEC

The GEC is always looking for new volunteers to help us with our events, programs, boothing, office hours and pretty much anything we have going on. This is a great way to get involved and connect with all of our cross cultural centers. We always need help with the planning out large scale events, projects, and tasks around the center.

Attend Our Events and Services

We have something for everyone! Whether it’s a full on theatrical performance or a small group gathering with your peers, all of our events and services are fun and unique. Check out our calendar on our home page, or our “Services and Events” section for more details on what we offer.

Work at the GEC

The GEC hires student assistants every year, during the beginning of fall quarter. Student assistants help plan our programs and events, collaborate with the other Cross Cultural Centers (CCC), and focus on women's empowerment, feminism, gender issues, and intersectionalisty.

GEM Trainings

Join our quarterly training workshops to learn more about the work the GEC does and get involved as a campus leader!

Relax and Hang Out With Us – University Union 217!

Consider the GEC your home away from home! We offer comfy couches, open computers, and a cozy lounge for all students to enjoy, relax, and hang out!

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