Dean of Students Advisory Council


The Dean of Students Advisory Council offers an exceptional opportunity for interested Cal Poly students to provide counsel to the Dean of Students pertaining to the quality of student life and the co-curricular experience. Students serving on the council will provide direct advice and feedback to the Dean of Students on emergent campus issues and help influence decisions concerning student services at Cal Poly. Overall, the Council aims to connect, represent, and empower students in ways that produce a meaningful, positive, and enduring improvement to student life at Cal Poly.


General Charge - Serve as advisors, liaisons, and problem solvers for the Office of the Dean of Students in order to foster a welcoming campus climate for all students.

  • As an advisor you will counsel the Dean of Students on pressing issues that directly impact the Cal Poly campus community.
  • As a liaison you will facilitate open, respectful, and steady communication between the Office of the Dean of Students and Cal Poly campus community.
  • As problem solvers you will be actively invested in issues related to the student experience and student services at the Cal Poly and learn institutional policies and regulations to produce effective strategies

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