Resources and Forms


Manuals & Training

Mustang Way Form (pdf)
Safety Manual (pdf)
Cal Poly Club Handbook (pdf)
Officer Transition Packet (pdf)
Sport Club Handbook (pdf)
Officer Training website [Required for all officers before charter can be approved]
Alcohol Education Handbook (pdf)


Online E-Plan
Vehicle Accident Procedures
Visiting Team Waiver (pdf)

Travel Forms

Travel Coordinator

Travel CT-1--Travel Request (pdf) - one per event
Travel CT-2--Roster (pdf) - one per event
Travel CT- 4a/b--Travel Plan (pdf) - one per event
Travel CT-5--Sign Out (pdf) - print and leave blank
Travel--Incident and Accident Report (pdf) - print and leave blank
Vehicle and Non-vehicle Accident Report Form (pdf) - print and leave blank

Participant Forms

Travel CT-3--Emergency Card (pdf) - one for EACH participant
Release Agreement  - one for EACH participant
Air Travel Release Form (doc) - one for EACH participant

Driver Forms

Travel CT-3--Emergency Card (pdf) - one for EACH participant
Volunteer Identification Form (doc) - one for EACH driver
Use of Privately Owned Vehicle (pdf) - one for EACH driver
Request to Operate State Vehicle (pdf) - one for EACH driver
Photocopy of a valid California driver's license

The previous forms contain confidential employee information. Completed forms must be handled pursuant to the Cal Poly Information Classification and Handling Standard.

These records must be retained and disposed according to the CSU Records / Information Retention and Disposition Schedule, which can be found at this link.

Financial Documents

Supplemental Form for a W-9 Request (pdf)
Cash-Securities Acceptance Form (doc)
Gift-in-Kind Acceptance Form (doc)
Club Payment Request Form (xls)
Referee Payment Voucher (doc)
W-9 Form (All Officials Must Complete) (doc)
Field Painting Payment Voucher (pdf)

Coaching Documents

Coach V-1 Form (doc)
Coach Contract (doc)
W9 Form All coaches must complete (doc)
Coach Agreement (pdf)
Student Coach Agreement (pdf)
Concussion Protocol - Agreement Form​ (pdf)


Licensing Marks (pdf)
Licensing Education (pdf)
Licensing Flow Chart (pdf)
Licensing Form (pdf)
Cal Poly Licensing Website

New Club Admittance Forms

New Club Admittance Policy (pdf)
New Club Application (pdf)

Risk Management

Risk Assessment Long Form Template (doc)
Risk Assessment Short Form Template (doc)

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