PolyCultural Organizations

The PolyCultural Weekend committee would like to thank the following organizations for making PolyCultural Weekend a success:

Alpha Kappa Delta Phi (S)​

alpha Kappa Delta Phi is the first, largest and only international Asian-American interest sorority. We currently have 55 chapters internationally and 12 in California. We strive to follow our 5 pillars, sisterhood, leadership, philanthropy, scholarship, and Asian-awareness in the community while creating life-long relationships.

Black Student Union

Cal Poly's Black Student Union is a social club that works to promote Black culture on campus. This is achieved by educating its members and the rest of student body, about the Black conscience. Between cultural development discussions, standing up for our beliefs, tailgates with alumni, fun bonding days, dancing, and more, our minute community builds connections that makes our presence on campus unique. Our members come from different parts of the state, country, and the world, bringing together diverse cultures and perspectives to celebrate our melanin and Black excellence.

Chi Delta Theta Sorority, Inc. (S)

Chi Delta Theta is an Asian interest sorority who promotes friendship, communication, cultural awareness and social activity among university women. We have 5 pillars including sisterhood, community service, social, academics and cultural awareness. We have chapters at UC Santa Barbara, Loyola Marymount University, Long Beach State, UC Davis, and UC Los Angeles.

Chinese Cultural Club

The Chinese Cultural Club is a place where people interested in Chinese culture and traditions can gather and share their knowledge. We are are small, close-knit group allowing us to get to know each other well and have a lot of fun hanging out and studying together. The club provides a safe and relaxed environment for all to enjoy and to share both our happy and our sad moments.

Chinese Christian Fellowship

Chinese Christian Fellowship aims to be a community where people can encounter God and become followers of His Son, Jesus Christ. Together we grow and encourage each other through fellowship, dedicated prayer, Bible study, worship, discipleship, and service. While our approach is to reach people who share in the Chinese culture, our identity is found first in Jesus. We also share in the general calling of the Navigators, which is “to know Christ and to make Him known.”

Chinese Student Association

The Chinese Students’ Association is one of the largest cultural clubs at Cal Poly. CSA is dedicated to embracing diversity and creating a “home away from home.” With CSA's 3 non-audition performing groups: Take Out Kidz, Lion Dance Team, and Variations, CSA desires to share Chinese culture with Cal Poly and the SLO community. We continue to make an effort to bring multiple backgrounds together.

Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity, Inc.

In 1987, fifteen men came together to found what would later become Gamma Zeta Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Recognizing the difficulties facing Latinos in higher education, the founders sought to create an organization aimed at developing leadership, instilling academic scholarship, and creating an environment of support that integrated Latino heritage.

Hispanic Business Student Association

The Hispanic Business Student Association promotes the development of tomorrow’s future leaders from all backgrounds and career fields. HBSA strives to equip every member with the fundamental skills necessary to successfully launch their professional careers. Through engaging events we hope to encourage the importance of balancing work, life, and school.

Hip Hop Choreo Club

Hip Hop Choreo Club was formed to provide a creative and inclusive atmosphere for people wanting to grow as dancers or experiment as beginners. We hope to cultivate a dance scene through community, humility, and gratitude; striving to share the joy and stress relief found in hip hop dance.

Imagen Y Espiritu Ballet Folklorico

Imagen Y Espiritu Ballet Folklorico de Cal Poly is a club that teaches people traditional Mexican folk dancing and educates people about different aspects of Mexican culture. It gives people the chance to express and experience Mexican culture through dance.

Japanese Student Association

The Japanese Student Association is a club with a focus on spreading awareness, understanding, and interest of/in the Japanese culture. General meetings are held every week that consist of information about upcoming events as well as Japanese culture. Weekend social events, senpai/kouhai program, study groups, and fundraisers are opportunities for club members to bond.

Korean American Student Association

Korean American Student Association is an inclusive, social club that explores Korean culture while maintaining a fun and inviting environment for all members. KASA hosts numerous events throughout the year to provide social opportunities for all types of people. KASA also sports a non-audition dance team that focuses mainly on hip-hop and K-pop.

Lambda Phi Epsilon (F)

Lambda Phi Epsilon will perform a stepping and dance routine. Stepping is a dance based on making rhythms and beats using the human body through a series of stomps and claps. Stepping represents our unity as a brotherhood and expresses our passions through the sounds we make.

Lambda Sigma Gamma (S)

The purposes of this association are to instill the desire for self improvement, scholastic excellence and the cultivation of civic responsibility; also to promote unity and higher education amongst women. Our responsibility and commitment to making a meaningful difference in the lives of children continually guides our efforts. We do this by giving back to our communities via scholarships, fundraisers, donations, contributions, partnerships, volunteerism and other various philanthropic programs. This organization loves uniting women from different backgrounds because we strive for multiculturalism and beauty through diversity. We also believe in a strong sisterhood where we can support one other and provide a family away from home.

Lambda Theta Nu, Sorority Inc. (S)

The purpose of Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. is to open doors of opportunity to Latinas in our community. The primary focus is academic excellence and meeting the needs of Latina women in higher education. Lambda Theta Nu Sorority, Inc. also promotes the advancement of Latinas through campus activities, community services, and provides an environment for personal growth in a unit of sisterhood.

Latinos in Agriculture

Latinos in Agriculture is a cultural club in the College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Sciences that strives to create a comfortable environment where diversity & agriculture thrive. LIA serves to support minority students involved in agriculture, assist in seeking professional/career/leadership development opportunities, and serve as a cultural support system.

Movimiento Estudiantil Xicano de Aztlan

A national student ran organization dedicated to promoting higher education amongst Xicanx/a/o identifying students, as well as giving back to the community. Dedicated to educating and formulating political thought, and discussing topics which many Xicanx/a/o households do not discuss. “¡La unión hace la fuerza!”

National Society of Black Engineers

Our mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community. As a member, you have the opportunity to listen to guest speakers, participate in skill building workshops, attend our annual conferences, and have a network of NSBE friends and mentors to support you on your college journey!

Nu Alpha Kappa, Fraternity Inc. (F)

We, NU ALPHA KAPPA, seek to unite and involve all students in a more harmonious and brotherly atmosphere through academic, social, and cultural means. There is a need to interface the various backgrounds that constitute the student body of our fraternal university chapter, in order to improve relations amongst all students and the community.

Omega Xi Delta (F)

Omega Xi Delta is the first Asian-interest fraternity at Cal Poly. As an organization, we pride ourselves on three core virtues: brotherhood, cultural awareness, and gentleman-like conduct. Since our establishment in 1994, our bonds in brotherhood are second to none. With an active house of 25, our members know each other on a deep, personal level that provides a home away from home.

Pilipino Cultural Exchange

Pilipino Cultural Exchange (PCE) provides numerous opportunities. Members can join performing groups, compete in intramural sports, connect with mentors in their major, or find a lifelong family- an important aspect of Filipino culture. PCE has attracted people of different backgrounds, ideas, talents, and customs, making us a home away from home and an environment where all cultures are accepted.

Queer and Trans People of Color

Cal Poly QTPOC exists to cultivate a brave space for queer and/or trans people of color to explore identity, find support, and build community. We believe in the concepts of unconditional love and hope to foster the type of community where students who typically do not feel included can have a space that they can call home. If you’re looking for a community, consider joining our family.

Sigma Omega Nu (S)

Sigma Omega Nu was founded on November 6, 1996. It was the first Latina interest sorority founded and established at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. At the time, no group existed specifically for the academic, cultural or family support of Latina women pursuing higher education. Since then, Sigma Omega Nu's commitment to academic and family support has spread throughout California and Nevada. Today, Sigma Omega Nu's membership is made up of diverse women from many ethnic, cultural, religious, political and lifestyle backgrounds.

SLO Breakers

Founded in Spring 2017, Cal Poly SLO Breakers is one of the few hip hop organizations on campus that aims to promote a community based on the knowledge of hip hop culture. The club’s main focus is to provide a creative, inclusive, and inspiring atmosphere for people who are interested in one of the five elements of hip hop, b-boying.

Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers

The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers Student Chapter is an organization in which student leaders volunteer their time and efforts to help students and the community. Our mission is to increase the number of Hispanics entering the fields of engineering, science, or any other profession and provide recruitment, training programs, and tutoring for students to become professionals.

Thai Vietnamese Student Association

The Thai-Vietnamese Student Association warmly welcomes people of all ethnicities to learn about and appreciate the rich cultures of Thailand & Vietnam. Meetings are every other week and there are fun events planned throughout every quarter such as Pho Night, Thai Tea Events, Hot Pot Night and Spring Roll Night. Come check us out and make friends that last a lifetime!

(S) - Sorority
(F) - Fraternity

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