PRISM Peer Counseling

The Pride Center's Friendly PRISM Leadership Team

How it Works: 

  • The Peer Leadership Team Members' bios will tell you about each of our PRISM Team Members
  • They can be contacted through the e-mail address below each of their bios
  • You can contact whichever member of the team that you feel is best fit for you to talk to
  • Mentoring is year-round and includes school breaks

Emergency Services

PRISM does NOT provide emergency counseling services. Emergency services are available for currently enrolled Cal Poly students 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, throughout the year by calling Counseling Services at 805-756-2511.

If you are feeling suicidal, contact someone who can help NOW. Students often face challenges and stresses that can, over time, begin to feel overwhelming or make it seem impossible to cope. Help is available.

If you or someone you know is an imminent danger to themselves or someone else, go to the nearest ER or call 911. For a general non-emergency where police assistance might be needed, call the University Police Department by dialing 911 or 805-756-2281.

PRISM Leadership Team Members

Are you looking for a PRISM member to speak to? Our team of students is here for you! Below is information about the PRISM Leadership Team Members, as well as contact information.


Nathalie Aguirre

Gender Identity: Female
Pronouns: She, Her, Hers
Orientation: Lesbian

Language: English
Year: 2nd
Major: Animal Science

Minor: Women and Gender Studies​
Hometown: Chino Hills, CA

Hobbies: Playing flute, piccolo and ukelele, dancing Folklorico, drawing, painting, and watching Netflix
Experience with: Women loving women identities, queer women of color identities, queer Latinx identities, compulsive heterosexuality, coming out




Jenny Caudillo

Gender Identity: Female
Pronouns: She, her, hers, they, them, theirs
Orientation: Pansexual
Language: English, Spanish
Year: Grad student
Major: IT Management
Hometown: Riverside, CA
Hobbies: Puzzles, Netflix, How I Met Your Mother, magic tricks, Harry Potter things, puppies
Experience: queer Latinx issues, coming out, resources on campus, QTPOC, relationships and dating, queer faith and spirituality


Melisa Esquivias

Gender Identity: Female
Pronouns: She, her, hers
Orientation: Queer
Language: English, Spanish
Year: 4th
Major: Industrial Engineering
Hometown: San Bruno, CA
Hobbies: Netflix, reading, hanging out with friends/family, playing different instruments, going to Disneyland
Experience: being queer in STEM, queer people of color identities (specifically Latinx), relationships and dating, coming out



Shannon Ferreira

Gender Identity: Non-binary, Genderfluid
Pronouns: They, Them, Theirs
Orientation: Grey-pan-romantic Ace (asexual)
Language: English, Spanish (conversational), ASL (basic conversational)
Year: 4th
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Minor: Women and Gender Studies (WGS)
Hobbies: watching Netflix, reading, learning languages, writing, fan fiction, sports, playing Irish music, activism


Frank Gaspar

Gender Identity: Male
Pronouns: He, Him, His, They, Them, Theirs

Orientation: Queer
Language: English, Spanish (conversational)
Year: 2nd
Major: Sociology w/ Social Services Concentration

Minor: Ethnic Studies​
Hometown: Chino, CA
Hobbies: Netflix, dancing hip-hop, writing, jammin' on my planner, getting boba downtown
Experience with: Coming Out, being QTPOC, relationships and dating, anxiety, being closeted in a Latinx family, residence halls, fluidity, imposter syndrome




Gabriel Oman

Gender Identity: Male
Pronouns: He, Him, His
Orientation: Asexual
Language: English and a little Spanish
Year: 3rd
Major: Physics

Hometown: Yakima, Washington
Hobbies: Reading, archery, Netflix, martial arts, music, and spending time with family and friends

Experience: Anxiety, depression, stress and stress management, ace issues and identity, getting involved on campus, suicidality, self-injury, obsessive-compulsive disorders, and being a good ally



Rachel Redlo

Gender Identity: Woman, Cis-Gendered
Pronouns: She, Her, Hers
Orientation: Pansexual, Polyamorous
Language: English
Year: 4th

Major: Nutrition

Minor: Biology
Hometown: Hercules, CA
Hobbies: Running, video games, reading (news, comics, and books when I have time), board games
Experience: Anxiety, questioning sexual orientation/identity, activism at Cal Poly in the Queer Community 




Jonathan Schaffer

Gender Identity: Something, maybe?
Pronouns: He, His, Him
Orientation: Bi
Language: English
Year: Senior
Major: Psychology

Minor: Ethnic Studies, Women and Gender Studies
Hobbies: Video games, tabletop games, reading books slowly, and horror movies
Experience: Trans, NB, Ace, Aro, and Bi issues; Judaism and queerness, abuse, getting involved on campus, student housing, queering in gaming and fandom




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