Homelessness Awareness Week

Homelessness Awareness Week (HAW) will take place April 23th - April 27th, 2018. If you are interested in volunteering at any of the HAW events or would like more information please contact beyondshelter@calpoly.edu or (805) 756-5834.


Monday, April 23 @ 5:30PM : A Discussion on Homelessness in SLO

UU Room 219

As the opening of Homelessness Awareness Week, Grace McIntosh, Deputy Director of CAPSLO, will lead a discussion on the day-to-day struggles of homeless individuals in San Luis Obispo County. 

Tuesday, April 25 @ 10AM - 2PM : What Can You Actually Buy with "Food Stamps"? 

Dexter Lawn

Learn more about CalFresh and join us at our booth by participating in activities exploring the program formally known as “food stamps”. Those who participate will be entered to win a prize!

Wednesday, April 25 @ 8pm : Solidarity Sleepout and On the Streets Documentary Screening

UU Plaza

We will be screening On the Streets, a documentary film portraying homelessness in America, discussing, then sleeping out in solidarity for homelessness awareness. Breakfast will be served in the morning. Bring a sleeping bag!

Want to sign up? Click here. 

Thursday, April 26 @ 11AM : PERIOD. Packing Party

Center for Service in Action (52-E22)

Beyond Shelter partners with PERIOD to create feminine hygiene care packages for women in need in SLO. Care packages will be distributed to various shelters in SLO after they are assembled.

Want to sign up? Click here.

Friday, April 27 @ 12PM – 6PM : Community Barbecue

Mitchell Park

Beyond Shelter and CRU will be hosting a joint BBQ for the SLO homeless community. Participants will get a chance to serve a meal and engage in genuine conversations with people who lack housing. 

Want to sign up? Click here.


Beyond Shelter, in partnership with PERIOD, is hosting a feminine hygiene product donation drive. From Monday to Thursday during Homelessness Awareness Week we will have volunteers collect feminine hygiene products at different locations. That will be donated in the form of "period packs" to nearby women's shelter to be redistributed to homeless or financially-struggling women in the SLO county areas.

Drop off donations at the Center for Service in Action (52-E22) all week!




If you are a Cal Poly Student and feel that you are experiencing short term or critical financial needs, including food or housing insecurity, below is a brief list of available resources.


1.Cal Poly Students with Short Term Financial Need
A.Cal Poly Hunger Program
I. “Ensures all students have access to nutritious meals each day in order to stay focused on their education and success at Cal Poly. Any student is welcome to use these free, confidential, no-hassle services.”
II. Meal Vouchers to 19 Metro Station
III. Cal Poly Food Pantry
1. “Any students can choose from a wide variety of packaged and canned foods, fresh produce, frozen meals, and personal hygiene products.”
2. Campus Health & Wellbeing (Building 27, Lower Level (PULSE office)), Phone: 805-756-6181 Hours: Monday – Thursday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. , Friday, 11:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

2.Cal Poly Cares
a. Cal Poly Foundation Fund: Grant (Up to $2,000 - with greater assistance available)
I.“housing and meals, academic supplies and materials, personal care items, professional clothing and unplanned emergencies”
II.Cal Poly Food Pantry

3.CalFresh Outreach Program (Federally Funded)
a. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)
b. 805-399-0236 or email calfreshhelp805@gmail.com
c. On Campus: Mondays from 10 am – 2 pm in Building 27, Room 173B (Campus Health and Wellbeing). No appointment needed

4. Point of Contact: Dean of Students Office Building 52-E11
a.“If a student is experiencing on-going hardships, please contact the Dean of Students Office for additional counseling and resources.”
b. Short Term Loan Type Program: “$300 - $500 – repayment period may not exceed 90 days”


Please contact Student Community Services, Beyond Shelter, at beyondshelter@calpoly.edu with any questions or concerns.


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