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Student Community Services

Student Community Services was founded in 1972 and is a student-run organization within the Center for Service in Action. The organization is designed to provide opportunities for community involvement that meet a broad range of student interests while providing meaningful service to the off-campus community. In 1995, students passed a referendum allocating a student fee to support Student Community Services. The student fee is designated to provide opportunities for career, leadership, and personal development, increased opportunities to work experience related to majors, support for individual student and service-oriented projects, and funds to support individuals and clubs dedicated to volunteer service.

Student Community Services (SCS) provides the opportunity for students to act as vital members of the community, share their resources with others and develop skills and leadership abilities while creating meaningful social change.

Within SCS, there are eight volunteer programs led by students including: Beyond Shelter, Environmental Council, Food Insecurity and Nutrition, Poly Paws, Senior Services, Students for Health and Well-Being, Students Supporting People with Disabilities, and Youth Programs. Other events include the monthly Social Justice Series, and annual See the Need Week, and Homelessness Awareness Week.

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