Volunteer Programs

Within SCS, there are eight volunteer programs that organize events ranging from helping the homeless to helping the environment. SCS hosts annual events such as See the Need Week, Homelessness Awareness Week, and Change the Status Quo, a one day conference designed to give students tangible tools to be effective advocates for social change. To contact the student leaders for each of these programs, please email scs@calpoly.edu or call (805) 756-5834. 

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  • S.S.P.D (Students Supporting People with Disabilities)

    - Empower people with disabilities through social events and recreational activities
    - Challenge stereotypes surrounding people with disabilities through education and awareness

  • Beyond Shelter

    - Connect students to the homeless population with the support of homeless services
    - Encourage respectful interactions with people experiencing homelessness 
    - Promote awareness and reduce stigma surrounding the issues of homelessness

  • Environmental Council

    - Improve surrounding natural environment
    - Empower students to make environmentally responsible choices
    - Contribute to existing sustainability efforts in San Luis Obispo county

  • Food Insecurity and Nutrition

    - Contribute to the efforts of local food banks and grassroots harvesting organizations
    - Raise awareness about food insecurity in the San Luis Obispo county
    - Assist agencies in nutrition education efforts

  • Poly Paws

    - Support local shelters in their efforts to improve the lives of animals
    ​- Provide opportunities for students to assist in the rehabilitation of exotic animals​

  • Senior Services

    - Build mutually beneficial relationships between seniors and students 
    - Bridge the generation gap through shared learning experiences
    - Organize social events for seniors and students to interac​t

  • Students for Health and Well-Being

    - Promote physical activity in the community and encourage healthy lifestyle choices
    - Assist local agencies in reducing stigma and supporting mental well­being

  • Youth Programs

    - Support underserved youth in the community
    - Collaborate with local agencies and schools to provide mentoring and tutoring programs
    - Coordinate gift, clothing, and school supply drives for local organizations  

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