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Building Community Abroad - Engineers Without Borders Cal Poly

Chris Apple, Dan Hornett, & Beth Hotchkiss with Engineers Without Borders - Cal Poly student chapter

Engineers Without Borders USA partners with developing communities abroad to design sustainable technological solutions. The EWB-USA Cal Poly student organization works in India, Malawi, Nicaragua, and Thailand. Collaborate with other workshop attendees to learn about the complexities of balancing technical, financial, and cultural issues to ensure the sustainability of a project. Investigate ways that the EWB model tries to address these issues and discover ways to avoid destructive patterns when making beneficial change -- around the world and here on campus.



Developing Resilience in Social Justice Advocacy and Leadership

Alexa Lindahl, Lauren Irwin, Sarah Cybulski, & Eli Williams with Center for Leadership & Service

Professional and graduate student staff from the Center for Leadership & Service will share strategies for resiliency in social justice and leadership work. As social justice advocates and leaders, we face many disappointments in our efforts, challenges that seem impossible to overcome, and demoralizing experiences. Often, our passion can only take us so far. We can become burnt out, cynical, and lose sight of the bigger picture if we lack the resilience necessary to adopt social justice advocacy as a way of life. Learn about some of the tools and strategies that can be implemented to help you foster personal strength and resilience.


BEACoN Mentors
​Discover YOUR Mosaic of Identity 2 Live + Speak YOUR Cultural Capital: Joint Faculty/Student Session (morning sessions)

Jillian Roth, Camille O'Bryant, Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti, & Francis Villablanca with The BEACoN Program

The BEACoN program is inviting Jillian Roth to co-present with us in the hopes of helping underrepresented students to have a larger voice in their chosen career fields and life in general. Many of these students are lacking in traditional cultural capital because of their identities as first generation students and racial, ethnic, sexual, etc. minorities. By assisting these underrepresented groups in realizing the cultural capital they do have via a better understanding of their identities and ways in which they can succeed, we propose that they will be better able to walk among majority groups in the field in a successful and yet still authentic way. This assists them in bringing diversity to top levels of their chosen fields in ways they may not have had the confidence to do previously.



BEACoN Mentors
Discover YOUR Mosaic of Identity 2 Live + Speak YOUR Cultural Capital: Joint Faculty/Student Session (afternoon sessions)

Jillian Roth, Camille O'Bryant, Jennifer Teramoto Pedrotti, & Francis Villablanca with The BEACoN Program

The BEACoN program is inviting Jillian Roth to co-present with us in the hopes of helping underrepresented students to have a larger voice in their chosen career fields and life in general. In this part of the session, the main call to action is being made to faculty to understand the cultural capital that students from underrepresented backgrounds may possess. In helping faculty and students to better understand each other and to learn from one another, we hope to help both groups to make better connections with dissimilar mentors/mentees in the future. In helping both sides to see advantages toward understanding oneself and making attempts to understand others, we hope that more diverse relationships will be created in both present and future between students and faculty. As much research shows that the demographics of faculty ranks and student ranks often do not match, this type of knowledge will help faculty and students to reach out to both those who appear like them in some way, and those who don't. Diversifying these frameworks assists all sides across fields.


Food Insecurity in the Land of Abundance

Emily Wilson & Josh Ayers

As part of GleanSLO, Emily Wilson and Josh Ayers helped rescue more than 209,000 pounds of local produce for hungry families in 2015. GleanSLO connects with farmers, homeowners and other community entities to help rescue produce that would otherwise go to waste. This workshop will empower participants to learn and spread awareness about the root causes of hunger in our community. Participants will gain the information and tools necessary to join the local gleaning movement in our agriculturally abundant county, rescuing nature's bounty for the benefit of our community.



How to Formulate Great-Sounding Gender-Neutral Language

Dendron Chamberlain, Community Member, and CSQ Presenter Alumni

This workshop dives into three different methods for crafting gender-neutral language that is grammatically correct, natural sounding, and professional looking. Participants will explore personal gender-neutral language styles, and will leave with the tools to continue developing and using this skill.



Incarceration and Society -- Co-learning with Inmates; 12 Cal Poly students and 12 inmates

Ryan Alaniz and students with Cal Poly, Restorative Partners, & San Luis Obispo County Jail

Ryan Alaniz teaches “Incarceration and Society” to a mix of Cal Poly students and inmates at the San Luis Obispo County Jail. In this discussion, participants will analyze beliefs about "the inmate" and criminal justice system, and discuss experiential learning and dialogue as a pedagogy. Participants will use empathy and respect for all human beings to approach and interact differently with inmates or ex-convicts in the future. As Sophocles stated, "Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle."


STEM image.jpg

It's More than Math and Science: Breaking Stereotypes of Engineers and Scientists

Emily Liptow with AmeriCorps VISTA, College of Engineering, & College of Science and Math

Who do you think about when you hear engineer or scientist?  There are many stereotypes of these two disciplines and other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields that prevent many people from ever considering them, especially those from underrepresented groups (people of color, women). Engineers and scientists are problem solvers, collaborators, and designers who play a big role in the daily lives of people all around the world. During this presentation, we will discuss the underrepresentation of certain racial, ethnic and gender groups in STEM fields nationally and on Cal Poly’s Campus. This workshop will provide participants with knowledge and skills to reframe how to talk about scientists and engineers in such a way that promotes diversity and inclusivity within these fields.


Clint Weirick Headshot.jpg

Movers, Shakers, and Influencers: Getting to the Right People to Make Change Happen

Clint Weirick with Clint Weirick Consulting

Clint Weirick has been assisting activists and organizations for over a decade on achieving progress through action on various issues and causes in areas including higher education,public health, environmental, social justice, etc. To make change, even seemingly small change, tends to require external decision makers to agree through various stages. This workshop will engage attendees on the dynamics of movers, shakers, and influencers and empower them to leverage these concepts on taking action to what matters to them most right now. Get ready to make a more efficient and powerful impact!



Orgasmic Activism: A Stimulating Conversation About Sexual Empowerment for the Greater Good

Ellen Bockelman, Zoe Raven, & Christina Kaviani with Cal Poly Safer

Come and discuss the roots of contextual sexual oppression in the US and how knowledge about oneself can create empowerment, pleasure, and liberation in the bedroom and beyond. Our discussion will be self-reflective, interactive and fun. We guarantee a stimulating conversation aimed at making you an awesome activist!


Paper-Oppressed/Undocumented Students: Opportunities for Changing the Status Quo

Noya Kansky, Jane Lehr, & Tiffany Kwapnoski with LSAMP & Cal Poly Dreamers Working Group

Join members of the Dreamers Working Group in learning how we can better support our undocumented peers! The Dreamers Working Group is comprised of faculty, staff, and administrators dedicated to developing better institutional, academic, financial, and social support for undocumented students on campus. This presentation will increase your awareness of the impacts of being an undocumented student, and better your understanding of how to best support or ally with your undocumented peers.



Queering Campus Activism: Getting Started and Moving Beyond

Matt Klepfer & Mick Bruckner with Queer Student Union and SLO Solidarity

Matt Klepfer and Mick Bruckner are at the forefront of campus activism. They believe that the only way we can “change the status quo” at Cal Poly is if individuals are willing to speak up. By sharing experiences from their involvement with the Queer Student Union and SLO Solidarity, Matt and Mick explain how anyone, especially students, can ignite social movements and shake the establishment that is preventing real change from occurring.

Reducing Homelessness in Our Town, in Our Time

Becky Jorgenson with Hope's Village of SLO

Becky Jorgeson is the Founder and President of nonprofit Hope's Village of SLO, which has worked with homeless people on the Central Coast for over ten years and is currently planning a sustainable community village for unhoused people. This workshop will bring to light the problem of homelessness, even in the Happiest Place in the U.S. We will discuss steps you can take to help reduce homelessness, make your voice heard to local city and county government leaders, and stand up for what you believe in. Make a commitment to help reduce homelessness in your own way!



Saving Lives with SLO Bangers

Christopher Boreham & Nicole Holm with the San Luis Obispo Syringe Exchange Progam

The San Luis Obispo Syringe Exchange Program has been operating for over ten years, working to reduce the spread of disease, control the disposal of syringe-related waste, and, most importantly, serve as a resource for the San Luis Obispo community. Recently we have started an overdose prevention program, which provides free training in how to use the opioid overdose reversal drug naloxone, as well as access to this life saving drug. We would like to share with you how this public service helps not only those who utilize it, but everyone in the community. Join the many who have saved lives with SLO Bangers!


Spreading Social Justice through Literature: Dante and Aristotle Discover the Secrets of the Universe

Amber Yung, Patrick Douglas, & John Elfers with the Central Coast Coalition for Inclusive Schools

Amber Yung and Patrick Douglas, representing the Central Coast Coalition for Inclusive Schools (CCC4IS), will present and lead a discussion focused on the idea of spreading activism and social justice through art. The discussion will center around the award winning young adult novel, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz, and how this book (and similar books) could be used in standard curriculum to broaden young minds to diverse experiences. Both presenters are senior Cal Poly students that work with the CCC4IS, which is a local organization that actively supports the development of safe and affirming school communities - striving to celebrate diversity, advocate for social justice, and transform educational cultures by empowering youth, families, professionals, and organizations.




The Social Change Model of Leadership Development

Lauren Irwin, Eli Williams, Sarah Cybulski, & Alexa Lindahl with the Center for Leadership & Service

Professional and graduate student staff from the Center for Leadership & Service will provide an overview of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development (SCM). This presentation will introduce attendees to a research based leadership model, focused on college student leadership for positive social change. Leadership is often an ambiguous term that is overused without a shared understanding. This presentation will provide one framework for understanding and enacting leadership in a group setting, helping attendees identify leadership skills and strategies to enact social change.



What's So Positive About Masculinity?

Adam Serafin with the Cal Poly Cross Cultural Centers

Adam Serafin coordinates masculinity programs for Cross Cultural Centers, which contribute to Cal Poly’s commitment to diversity for a more inclusive and welcoming campus. Within this discussion, participants will be able to define positive masculinity. Our group will critically reflect on male privilege and its impact on our lives. Together, participants will move toward a positive masculinity and toward men effectively participating in allyship.


19. Who are You Really Serving?.JPG

Who are You Really Serving?

Marisa Balmana with RISE

Marisa Balmana is the Volunteer Services Coordinator for RISE, an organization that works with those affected by sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Marisa was inspired by the article "What We Don't Talk About When We Don't Talk About Service" a year ago and has become passionate about viewing service work through a critical eye. In her presentation, Marisa aims to bring to light the nuanced differences for why people serve, and more importantly why these differences matter. This presentation will challenge the way we think about service and it's actual impacts on the populations we serve..

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