Concerned about a student? How to make referrals

What warrants a referral?

Academic concerns – decline in academic performance, inability to cope with academic pressure, communication that is concerning, missing classes/assignments, continual seeking of special provisions, disorganized or erratic performance.

Behavior concerns – disruptive behavior, disturbing conduct, verbal or physical harassment, shift in mood that is sudden or significant, concerning use of alcohol and/or other drugs, self-harming behavior, risk-taking behaviors, thoughts or threats of harming others, disorganized speech/non-sensical conversation, emotional/physical outbursts, changes in personal hygiene/sleep/eating.

Social/Emotional concerns – relationship issues, loss of family member or friend, verbal/physical/sexual abuse, depression that seems more than just the blues, thoughts or threats of suicide.

Student of Concern

If you would like to report a Student of Concern, which may include, but are not limited to non-emergency worries about a student’s behavior, such as signs of depression, suicidal ideation, the intent to be violent, and/or sudden mood shifts, please click the following link. 

Submit a report of concerning student behavior via a CARE Report

What should I expect if I refer a student?

We will discretely reach out to the student and determine what type of follow-up is needed. In most cases, we will provide some support services to the student which may range from connecting a student to on-campus and/or community resources to walking the student to Counseling Services.

If you are looking for a certain method of support from our office, please be sure to include that in your referral. While we are not always able to keep the referring person’s information confidential, we can often meet with a student without disclosing who made the referral.

Will I be notified of the outcome?

We will notify you that we have followed up with the student. We may not always be able to provide detailed follow up information to the referring person, but we will share information on a need-to-know basis.

Faculty & Staff

The Dean of Students Office Dean On Call Program provides faculty and staff with a 24/7 contact to assist with urgent concerns, or emergency and crisis situations impacting the student community. 

Please click here to access the Dean On Call

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