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Office of the Dean of Students

Hillcrest (Building 81)

Monday to Friday 8AM-5PM



Our Staff

Joy PedersenDean of Students

David GroomSenior Associate Dean of Students

Maddy Rigby - Administrative Support Coordinator, Dean of Students



Nick Bilich - Director of CARE

Tina Grobe CARE Coordinator

Eileen Akin CARE Coordinator

VACANT - Administrative Support Coordinator - CARE Program


Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities

Brad PulcipherOffice of Student Rights & Responsibilities, Director

Deni BlackwellConduct and CARE Analyst

Matthew Armas Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities, Associate Director

Maya Trujillo - Administrative Support Coordinator, Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities


Off Campus Housing Program

Sarah BacioOff Campus Housing Program, Coordinator

Students with Dependents

Courtney MooreStudents with Dependents, Coordinator

Guardian Scholars Program

Ulisses EsparzaGuardian Scholars Program, Coordinator

Ceola CorellaGuardian Scholars Program, Analyst

Lea ScottLife Skills Educator





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