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The Off-Campus Housing Program was established to provide students and community stakeholders with connections and resources to improve student success as they live in the San Luis Obispo community. It is our goal to help students make an easy transition from on-campus to off-campus living while encouraging them to become engaged, positive members of the community. 

    Upcoming Student Presentations

    The Off-Campus Adventure Begins: Unlocking Your Housing Path

    Unlock the keys to successful off-campus living! Join the Off-Campus Housing Program for valuable insights on the rental search process, understanding your tenant rights and responsibilities, and becoming a competitive applicant!

    Roommate Relations Workshop

    This workshop is designed to equip you with the skills and insights necessary to navigate the complexities of shared living spaces. Engage in interactive exercises and group discussions to gain a deeper understanding of your own preferences and values. Uncover the art of setting realistic and respectful expectations as part of a shared vision for your living space. Lunch will be served!

    Off-Campus Housing Resource Fair

    More details coming soon!


    Educated Renters Certificate Program

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    Interested in learning about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant? In this short, asynchronous online course, you can learn more about your rights and responsibilities as a renter— and earn a certificate to show prospective landlords. To enroll in the Educated Renters Certificate Program, click here

    Note: If you do not have a Cal Poly login, you'll need to create a free Canvas Commons account, then search for the course. 

    Embrace Community Living: Key Tips for a Successful Transition

    Know Your Budget

    Your budget is the most important consideration in your housing hunt. Housing options vary in price widely, depending on amenities, location, configuration, and transportation costs (ex. gas & a parking permit vs riding your bike or taking the bus). And don't forget utilities. When you're seeing properties, be sure to ask what, if any, utilities are included in the cost of rent. You may be responsible for trash, internet, water, electricity, cable/television/streaming services. If living with roommates make sure to communicate your budget with each other so you are searching for the properties that suit both your needs. Use this Budgeting Worksheet to help get started. 

    Start Your Search Early

    Living in San Luis Obispo dials you into the small-town atmosphere, great food and, community amenities, all within walking distance - or a short bike or bus ride - to campus. Be sure to plan ahead if you want to find a place close to campus. Most students start hunting for fall housing as early as winter or spring quarter and some property managers may open applications as early as the end of fall quarter. 

    If you are searching during the spring quarter it is recommended to outreach directly to property managers to determine if there have been recent cancelations or anticipate any units opening up.

    Find Compatible Roommates

    Finding a compatible roommate can be just as challenging as finding a place to live. Review this short video on how to find a compatible roommate. You can also utilize this Roommate Agreement to set expectations with your new roommate(s). 

    Know Your Rights & Responsibilities as a Tenant

    We've created the Educated Renter's Certificate Program to help you understand the search process, your rights and, responsibilities as a tenant, and to help you be a more competitive applicant. Enroll in the course here and earn your certificate today!

    A quick six-page guide can be found here and a comprehensive document, per the state of California, on your legal rights and responsibilities can be found here

    Know Your Neighbors

    Good communication and mutual respect between residents can improve the quality of life for you and your neighbors. Building relationships right away can help avoid problems from occurring in the future. Offer to exchange cell phone numbers with your neighbors to avoid the escalation of any potential issues that may arise. Check out this helpful brochure from the City of SLO for more ways to promote neighborhood wellness.

    Find Out More

    Transfer Students

    Finding off-campus housing in San Luis Obispo can be difficult. In this video, you will find some tips and tricks to making this part of the transition to Cal Poly easier. 

    Join the Transfer Center Discord to connect with other transfer students and potential roommates.

    Parents and Supporters

    If you are new to the rental market in San Luis Obispo (SLO) County this quick Getting Started video shares a few tips as you and your student start the process of searching for housing in the community.

    Landlords and Property Managers

    Maximize traffic to available rentals, local site with local students, educated renters, security deposit alternative program, EDUrain partners closely with Cal Poly's Off-Campus Housing Program. If you have any questions please reach out to or

    List with us today! Follow the link to access the marketplace:

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    Resources for Living in the Community

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