Student Professional Development Grant

Are you looking to expand your professional development experience?

The Cal Poly Professional Development Fund awards up to $2,500 in scholarship to eligible students to support career exploration, including conference and seminar travel, attending scholarly seminars or symposiums, participating in research initiatives with faculty and many other extracurricular opportunities related to your major.

This fund aims to support applicants who demonstrate  financial need, as determined by the Financial Aid Office, in attending and participating in a variety of opportunities that could aid their career exploration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the application due?

The application is ongoing with no deadline.

When will the decisions and acceptances by issued?

Applications are reviewed and decisions are made within 1-2 weeks of submission.

How many people will receive this grant?

There is no specific number of students who will receive the award.

Is this specifically directed to a certain college within Cal Poly or are all college equally welcome to apply?

All students from any college are eligible to apply!


How do I follow up on my application?

You may email 

Other questions?

Contact us HERE.

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